Review: Small Wars (A Sin du Jour story) by Matt Wallace

Small Wars: A Tor.Com Original (A Sin du Jour Affair) - Matt Wallace

SMALL WARS is a short story set in author Matt Wallace's fresh, new Sin du Jour series. In ENVY OF ANGELS we were introduced to the culinary crew manning the lines and concocting crazy creations for the Sin du Jour catering company, and got a good glimpse at the adventures of the procurement team responsible for tracking down the rare ingredients necessary to feed demonic hordes.

SMALL WARS gives us a larger look at the procurement team, headed up by Ritter, as his band of recipe-minded mercenaries take a hop across the pond and venture into the abandoned mines of Scotland in search for gold. When they run afoul of some tiny adversaries, things go south quick.

At less than 40 pages, this story is a rapid-fire read, and it continues on in the lighthearted, good-natured tone of Wallace's prior Sin du Jour novel. It's comical and action-packed, never taking itself too seriously while still maintaining a peculiar and respectful sensibility. The best part is that it gives readers a deeper insight into the men and women that make Sin du Jour run, treating us to snippets of each crew's history and how they were recruited by Ritter. Fun stuff! This story serves to give a bit more depth to Wallace's world, filling in some of the gaps in character narratives while we wait for book 2, LUSTLOCKED, to drop in a few days.

If you enjoyed ENVY OF ANGELS, or are looking for a small taste of what this series is about, SMALL WARS is a fine place to begin.