LET GO: Now With The Hunter Shea Seal of Approval

Late this past week, I uploaded a short horror story to Amazon. I've written about Let Go previously (here, for instance) - it's a pretty straight forward zombie story, but my beta readers enjoyed it and early reviews have been kind.


One such beta reader, fellow author Tommy Muncie, posted his thoughts on his personal blog (here), writing that Let Go "stands out because it’s more about the human emotion than it is about the violence and the conflict..." and has "a feeling that’s slightly more Stephen King."


Tommy is not the first reader to tell me it has a Stephen King vibe and, well, they're right I suppose. King was a definite influence on me, and I've credited the man with being almost personally responsible for making me a serious reader-slash-book hoarder back when high school lit classes were destroying my eagerness to seek out books for entertainment. That's maybe another discussion for another time, though. But, yes, King is a definitely influence.


Strangely enough, Tommy is also the second reader to draw a comparison to Breaking Bad. Now that is a purely unintentional happenstance, and I don't really see it, but will happily be lumped in with such a fine series!


The real big news, for me, was finding out that horror author Hunter Shea grabbed a copy. And what's more, that he enjoyed it. And that he enjoyed it enough to leave a 5-star review on Goodreads. I've pulled some quotes from it, as shown above, but you can check out the full review here.


When Shea tweeted me about this over the weekend, I was initially panicked, nervous, start struck, and hugely relieved! He's a great guy, and I've been a reader of his for a very short while but have certainly liked what he's put out. It's incredibly gracious of him to have taken the time to write about my story, and I'm both flattered and incredibly grateful. So, yeah, Let Go now has some serious bona fides to go with it!


This week, I'll be running some promos in a couple newsletters in the hopes that I can draw a few more eyes to Let Go. If you've read the story already, I could really use your help in the form of more honest reviews. If you haven't read Let Go but would like to, you can pick it up for .99c at Amazon.