Review: Odd Adventures With Your Other Father by Norman Prentiss

Odd Adventures with your Other Father - Norman Prentiss

Odd Adventures With Your Other Father is a wonderful little book, with all kinds of emotional and narrative layering.


Although it is structurally a bit dissimilar, it resonated in a similar way with me and reminded me of Stephen King's Hearts In Atlantis - this book is a series of short stories, as relayed by Celia's father, Shawn, to her, and tied up around Celia's own journey to dig even deeper into the history of her other father, Jack.


Jack and Shawn are a closeted couple, and Shawn tells Celia of their road trip across the country in 1985, following their graduation from college. Jack has a gift, a glamor, and, thanks to their bond, can transmit imagery only to Shawn. At first it's a bit of a gag, but as they find themselves in more precarious situations Jack's gift takes on more of a tone of warning in order to protect them both. Across a series vignettes, Shawn tells their adopted daughter about their travels to strange locales and close encounters with the paranormal.


Each of Shawn's stories are well told and Prentiss uses this character as narrator masterfully. I couldn't help but get wrapped up in Shawn's stories myself, and was eager for more. Just as good is Celia's own adventures. Throughout it all, you get a wonderful sense of familial love and deep, honest affection that really tugs at the heartstrings. This is definitely a family I'd like to spend more time. Thankfully, in a recent interview Prentiss revealed he is working on a sequel to this book called Haunted Places With Your Other Father, which I'll definitely be looking forward to.